Political Correctness is Incorrect


By Ross Lombardi BA


Political Correctness or PC is supposed to be the non-bigoted was of living your life. Through changing your use of language and hunting down those who don’t comply you can, eventually, re-educate the world and solve humanities problems with equality. Yeh Right! As if calling a rose by any other name would stop bees pollinating it!

            PC has become the average Americans (and some British’s) neurotic preoccupation, replacing the old cold war fear of communist under the bed!

            The term Political Correctness seems to have started in the 1970’s, although it wasn’t widely publicised until October 1990 when the Western Humanities Conference held an interdisciplinary forum called “Political Correctness and Cultural Studies” at the University of California, Berkeley. One Writer. Barbara Epstein believes that what started out as a, “Wry self-depreciating joke on the left became a ridged standard against which both Liberals and Conservatives were being Measured,” Perhaps the Nazi movement and later the holocaust started the same way, by some pissed German at a cheese and wine party.

            PC is based on recognising that our culture in inherently racist. In Cowboy films the white hat is the good guy and the black hat is the bad guy. In legend King Arthur fights the Black Knight. Black is dark, evil, creepy and hellish. White is light good and the colour of heaven.

{It’s worth noting that in many African tribes the colour black is a positive one while White is a very negative colour. While in the West such an assertion would mean a depressed almost Goth mind in their society it is just the opposite. After all life giving water holes and shade are ‘Dark’ while the bright white Sun will kill with is scorching heat.}

It’s a Western cultural tradition that goes as far back perhaps as sun Worship and the Celts. Such inbred bigotry is clearly wrong. So PC goes out to single handily re-write out entire culture. Not just for racial minorities but Women, the Disabled and Homosexuals as well.

“Racial minorities” became “people of colour,” Women became “differently gendered”. “Hispanics” became “Latinos”.

PC sells itself as the “right thing to do” stretching to extremes that lead it to be ridiculed. People laugh as they talk about the follically challenged and morally challenged and aesthetically challenged. Before they were just known as bald, ugly and nasty.

There is a serious side to this however, as extremist start acting as a thought police and cultural censors. Jam jars are stopped from having Golly Wogs on them. Famous children’s characters names are changed from “The Fat Controller” to “Mr Top Hat”. But are their good intentions paving out way to a creatively restricted hell?

It’s not just the labels that are changed but public organisations. They have become so paranoid of the old dire sin of bigotry that they bend over backwards to accommodate PC wishes.

Some Universities in America have started what they call “Race norming”. Giving a built in advantage to “Differently coloured” Students to ensure that both races have more equal results.

Tokenism has been around for years and includes Tax Advantages for those companies that participate.

220 Full time lectures from seven colleges and universities were given 45 minute interviews about PC pressure on their campuses, Almost one in six had changed the content of their courses. One in five (one in three humanities courses) had known other lectures that had also changed the content of their courses.

Changed them that is, to make them more politically correct. Some professors have stopped teaching courses on what some would call sensitive subjects, in fear of their jobs. It would seem more logical to me to tackle rather than avoid such subjects. One of the main root causes of bigotry is ignorance. Increasing ignorance is not going to help matters. Others who continued to teach subjects that touch upon issues such as race, ethnicity and sexuality have taken to making tape recordings of classes to use in their defence, (In case they are accused of anything). Bigotry can be a sacking offence.

A reproduction of Goya’s “the naked Maja” was removed from a classroom at Penn State University. The reason given was that it created a “climate of sexual harassment”

At Antioch College Ohio, a man must have prior detailed written explicate consent before he even kisses a girl, or any other sexual advance. Consent that can be annulled if she feels that she has been victimised or compromised. Isn’t the dating game complicated and confusing enough?

A Wisconsin student was suspended for saying to an Asian Student “Its people like you – that’s the reason this country is screwed up,”

An English professor at the university of New Hampshire recently Had to explain to a shocked female student that the expression “more bang for your buck” was a military metaphor not a sexual one. {Which seems a shame really.} Teachers that don’t tread the broken glass of PC language with bare footed tenderness are either forced to leave of be sentenced to “sensitivity training,”

In Pennsylvania a group of Afro-American students destroyed the e entire print run (14,000 copies) of a college magazine because they disagreed with what is said. No disciplinary action was taken because the group were Ipso Facto victims and were therefore subject to more lenient codes of behaviour.

In California and the Mid West legal action has been taken against boys as young a 5 too 16 for being persistently rude to girls.

Students whom for religious reasons or otherwise question the morality of homosexuality are censored. {Instead they should take them for a night out at a ‘gay bar’ to see what a fantastic night out it could be,} Individual’s homes bugged and phones tapped so they can be ‘outed’ as homosexuals. There is no concern for their right to privacy. This is an example of how Machiavellian PC has become. The end always justifies the means.

PC is still growing. A computer search by the New York Times found 103 references to PC in 1988 by 1993 this number had grown to a rough 10,000. Try goggling it now and see how many hits you get!

The term “Queer” used to talk about homosexuals started out as a PC term but is now totally non-PC after its popularity leads it to be used as an insult. This point out one of the main weaknesses of the PC ideal, that changing the label fails to change people’s attitudes to that minority.

Critic Robert Hughes writes

“We want to create a linguistic Lourdes where evil and misfortune are dispelled by a dip in the waters of euphemism. Does the cripple rise from his wheelchair, or feel better about being stuck in it because someone decided that for official purposes he was physically challenged?”

Apart from anti gay Christian, Fascist Neo Nazi fanatics and the truly sexist women haters, there are serious more respectable opponents of PC.

Newtonian law applies as much to sociology as it does to physics. The equal and opposite reaction took the form of American conservatives who started reciting the first amendment (the right to free speech) and claiming that PC as an irrelevance hyped up by the right, while those in the middle of the road say that PC is passé.

The rise of such anti PC feelings does not mean that it is becoming unpopular but rather reflecting how strong as ideology it has now become. The most damming attack against PC has been from the minorities they claim to protect.

Black writers such as Henry Louis Gates Jr and Olando Patterson have both started attacking the PC movement for romanticisation of the ghetto and turning their people into victims is a new form of liberal racism. What is needed was not patronising concern but development in Black Power, Not an ideal that entrenches a lack of self-esteem.

Naomi Wolf holds a similar argument against PC feminist. Why should women accept a role as poor weak little things that need our protection (of us men that is) instead of celebrating the economic and intellectual clout of being a woman? Why should you censor others when most women can win their own argument? (My wife wins her arguments by pulling my beard until it hurts.)

Even the Lesbian and Gay lobbies  (a lobby is a large room that is usually quite dark with hooks to hang coats and hats on, a bit like a large closet) are attacking the negative, (to be tolerated and understood) ethics of PC for the more positive (to be accepted and known) ethics.

For instance, Campaigning for rights to fight in the armed forces and marry your choice of partner whatever that sexuality.

It has got to a point now where people are genuinely afraid to question the ideology of PC. It does not lend itself to question. If you’re the type who dares question then you are obviously a bigoted fascist and therefore part of the problem. The only way to win is to be more PC than your rivals. (Remember McCarthy, Is you don’t hate communist then you must be a communist yourself!)

When I was in America I met this black man at McDonalds (of all places) who offered to show me and my brother a good club that was open. Me, being Some what adventurous and self destructive, I agreed to follow this man (although not down any dark alley’s) We got to a club and it wasn’t long before my bother got chatted up by a group of five girls. I was happy to join him. I soon found that the nice bloke, who had shown us how to get there, was cramping my style. After a while he made his excuses and left. Later a member of management came over and told us to check our wallets and the ladies purses. This started all manner of fuss as the girls started accusing the club of racism.

As the conversation continued I dared to mention that there was such thing a black racism against white people. That white people could feel nervous around minorities because they felt that they were hated for being resist, an assumption made by the minority simply because they were white. That some members of racial minorities were too quick to assume that all whites were racist and therefore all white opinions and actions were automatically suspect.

The room went cold. My comments went down like a loud fart at a funerals one-minute silence. I thought we were having as intelligent discussion. We weren’t! What I was supposed to do was join the bandwagon and confess guilt for the racist history of my entire race. I was expected to see racist minorities as poor, helpless victims of our inherently corrupt caste system. That all of us present were political criminals and any non-white was beyond reproach for their actions, because in a round about way it was our fault not theirs. Any exploratory discussion was taboo.

Now the Irish in me just loves any chance to argue, debate and play devils advocate. Then my Italian libido kicked in. All these girls are very pretty, in very short flared skirts and were acting very available to anyone with an English accent. So I left my convictions on the shelf and left my private parts do the thinking for the night. It was one of the wisest decisions I ever made.

But wasn’t this once the land of free speech?

Apart from that, it occurred to me that these girls’ attitudes were in some ways very racist themselves. In some ways it was worse than a straight forward BNP rally. At a BNP rally you can “well they’re just a bunch of racist nuts.” (Not that I am implying in any way that all nuts are racist, I wouldn’t want to seem nuttist now, would I?) But at least it’s out in the open and honest. The way these girls thought was insidious, unrealised racism. Patronising the minorities and themselves instead of tackling real issues. They were genuinely proud of themselves for being so enlightened and good.

This type of Political Correctness spoke of (for instance) the poor black man who should be understood and made allowance for and perhaps even described and “tint degree challenged”. Oh great amount of woe! Aren’t we evil for not having realised this before? We must now make an extra special attempt to be really nice to these poor people.

It DID NOT say. Here is a man who is not given the equal rights in health and education, and is brought up in an antiestablishment environment. How can we find the money and choose the correct policies allow such a man a chance to reach his full potential and become a useful member of society. Oh and by the way, he also happens to be black but lets NOT use that to ignore the real problems he faces and label him instead.

Victims are absolved from responsibility. Convince someone or some group that they are a victim and they loose self-esteem, and no longer feel responsible for their actions, or success. PC acts as the subtlest of traps, a worm cosy comfort the weak in any minority can cling to, rather than have to fight for equal rights and power.

It is easier and cheaper to play with labels for a minority than to provide real resources to allow them to obtain their potential.

So what do you say to the mad that points at you and calls you a “Nigger”?

Words only have the power you choose to give them (a bit like currency in that respect). Id say point back and laugh as him for his stupidity rather than allowing that mere word to have power over you.

Would I stop someone using the word “Nigger”?


You either have freedom of speech of you don’t, there is no middle ground.

To the racist I say….

“I disagree with what you believe in the strongest possible terms BUT defend to the death, you’re right to express it!”

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